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it looks as though, you're letting go.

Last night was fun. it was unexpected. i was sure i was gonna have a drag of a tues. but i liked it more or less.

i worked untill six. Justin Reed picked me up and we went to bueno. We had our typical chat we seem to repeat every time we hang out now, he's gotten alot cuter now that his hairs growing out. He took me to Starbucks after but was being ridiculously nervous about something and wouldnt go inside with me. Clinton was there, he made me a wonder iced chi and i was on my way.

Erik picked me up next went to the hardware store. I got to play the part of a cute brainless girl who needed a copper something or other. Mikey works there now so i got to see him for about a minute.

Went home changed, Erik picked me back up, we drove to the colony and picked up Aliti. Took her to our hood picked up Cole.

We all went to el comal which i adored. Ihop after. I sat down ordered a coffee then realized i didnt want to be there so left without even touching the cup.

Rolled over to Chicos got a joint
smoked with aliti while erik drove us around.

we ended up dropping cole off and going to see Jason.
He really is cute but he makes me so mad sometimes.

last night i got pretty mad at him so he kissed me i guess thinking
i would be done being mad.

yea it made me smile but im still annoyed.
im gonna beat him up one day.

i figured out why i had a brief fondness for jerry, he reminded me
of andy warhol.

oh and also, all really really fat people look exactly alike to me. its a terrible thing to say but im trying this new thing where im just gonna be completly honest.

thats all.
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