iamandywarhol (iamandywarhol) wrote,


i read this on someones profile.

i thinks its absolutly right.

"a relationship will work out on not how well you get along, but on how well you don't get along. A couple is only as strong as their weakest moments together"

i miss cofer like crazy so crazy in love with him.
i cant do it anymore though, im moving on and if he comes back i won't be able to do it again. I wish i could, i wish we would have never broken up but i cant change what happened and i cant change the fact that he's attatched to his moms fucking hip.

even if john fixed everything, i would never have respect for his mother and i don't want to be with anyone who has a family like his. Their fucking tards.

and if people think i feel bad about already liking someone and trying to move on, their wrong.

john did me horribly, what goes around comes around.

and its always a bitch.
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