iamandywarhol (iamandywarhol) wrote,

holla at me baby.


johnn (cofer) and i got into a fight, his mom made him break up with me b/c she thinks im "violent". He hasnt spoken to me in almost 2 weeks. I call everyday, leave him messages, text him everyday, beg himto talkto me. blah blah. I HAVE GOTTEN NOTHING.

everyday i sit around crying locked in my room hating the world.


i met this other guy named john (riely) who's going through the same thing. We figure it will be fun to hang out @ starbucks and trade stories and laugh @ ourselves.

this boy is amazing.
Hes cute, funny, very sweet, and he's been the first person to not make me think about johnn (cofer.

last night he kissed me, and i didnt feel bad about it.

i cant sit around and punish myself forever, i gave cofer all the chances in the world and those who know me well know that i dont get that way about boys.

hes lost his chance, im done.

i got a new job, hanging out withe friends again, smiling again...i'm gonna keep this and take it as a blessing.

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