iamandywarhol (iamandywarhol) wrote,

earthbound is closing down, our last day was hell...packing the store is hell.

i dont know what im going to do with life now.

i'm trying to get my old job back at hot topic but the manager thinks im good for nothing when it comes to work, so it seems.

if the world only understood earthbound and understood that my manager is fuck, i cant even explain him...a creep i guess.

im not the slacker and the procrastanator, joseph is.

if the world only knew the shit i dealt with at that place, they would crown me queen of the universe.

im going away for the weekend to johnns lake house for easter. maybe this will make life better, but i keep having really scary dreams about lakes and bodys of water...for like the past 2 months and then again last night.

im convinced its going to be the death of me. so incase i dont make it through the weekend

good bye.

burn all my shit and burry me naked.

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